After feeling bored one day listening to tracks that the Spotify Algorythym had selected for me, I wondered if the whole process of creating and consuming music could be automated. To answer this, I turned to a predictive-text model, typing: “the name of my album is:” and getting “Mood Tape.”

Mood Tape’s music was generated using an AI app, my role was to select the timbres and when different sections began/ended. Track titles were also generated using predictive text. To create the album cover/artist image, I turned to GANs, or Generative Adversarial Networks. Through cross-breeding generative models for concepts like “website,” “garden snake,” “puppy,” “flower,” and “bubble,” imagery with its own aesthetic emerged.

Putting it all together, I now needed an army of bots to “listen” to Mood Tape, hyping it up and providing me with passive income. This part has yet to be figured out, but you can hear Mood Tape’s debut  album “AI-Anm” here.