Aalto Mentorship Topics



How to become a pop star while in grad school


Sustainable capsule collection that fits in a backpack


Practical/Living on earth:


Begining a startup in the EU as an immigrant


‘Day jobs’ that can utilize my skills, perspective, & values


Thesis topic ideas


In a pop-persona I am interested in abstracting myself - filtering and blending my physical form with the music. Visuals for my live performance (above) include a live feed from a kinect sensor to create generative animations that aesthetically reference MRI imaging and inkblot tests, and give an impression of morphing and fleeting human forms.


In another piece I have used my heart beat to control BPM, and the pulse of a light, which is the only source of illumination. This offers a limited view of my physicality, especially considering the movement required to keep my heart rate elevated… “dance music.”


My role as a performer/avatar is in the creation of some transient, projected-self. This is in part to realize my own gender, outside of the binary, which is not currently legally available. It is also about favoring the universal over the individual. 


Visual language / Music video imagery 



THEME: Our most exceptional resources (waste generated by human society) as a starting point for a genderless, carbon neutral, and cradle to cradle capsule collection that can fit inside a backpack

+ Seasonless limited edition runs

++ Transparent & ethical pricing model


TARGET GROUP: art babes, queers, minimalists, environmentalists, & practical travelers


STRATEGIES: Lifestyle design, design for longevity, mono-material recyclable/biodegradable pieces, carbon negative material processes, service design & repair/recycling


PROBLEMS ADDRESSED: Unisex fashion is an 8 billion dollar market gap; the fashion industry is one of the leading polluters in the world; fashion supply chains are fraught with non-transparent and unethical labor.

Given the way unwanted animals are used in the pet-food industry, dog meat and leather could offer renewable low impact food and products

- 3-4 MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized annually
- This amounts to millions of kgs of waste each year
- We could be eating/skinning them

‘If we let dogs be dogs, and breed without interference, we would create a sustainable, local meat (+hyde) supply with low energy inputs that would put even the most efficient grass-based farming to shame. For the ecologically minded it’s time to admit that dog is realistic choice for realistic environmentalists.’

(from “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer)

Working Title






True sustainability can never be achieved while there is social injustice.

Poverty, class, race, and gender were all largely constructed as a means to seize power. Time to take it back.


  • Transparent supply chain and product cost

  • Sustainability & quality should not be reserved for the monied

  • Eradicate class-stratification with radical economic-model:

  • Dynamic Pricing based on customer wealth.

  • Ultimate goal: disruption; conversation; redistribution