Interactive Installation

Custom Interface, software, + electronics

Currents International New Media Festival, 2015

Proxy is “fake-hologram skype.”


It is made up of separate, duplicate stations. Each one  contains a water vapor screen, a webcam/speakers, and  a force-sensitive activation system with custom hardware.


If both stations are occupied each person sees the other as a live projection, referencing science-fiction imaginings of future-communication systems. 


It is not clear to the visitor if the piece is interactive, pre-recorded, or a chatbot. The intention is to highlight the expectations of interactive media and interpersonal digital interaction.


Proxy facilitates an immediate (mediated) human interaction within a context of new media: artificial-artificial intelligence.


ACUD Macht Neu, 2019 | SPEKTRUM Berlin, 2019 | Radical Abacus, 2016 | AHA Festival of Progressive Art, 2014

These animations were created using an infrared depth-camera. They illustrate the style used in various exhibitions and performances.

In an installation setting, these generative animations function as an abstract mirror of form and motion.


In a live music setting, I have have incorporated audio-reactivity, and used this imagery to transform my presence as performer by projecting onto myself while using skeleton-tracking.


The technique makes aesthetic references biological imaging and Rorschach's inkblot tests. 


Interactive Installation

Custom Interface, software, + electronics

Athens Digital Art Festival, 2017

Petrichor is named for the scent after it rains. The piece is interested in the interaction of memory/time, human presence versus absence, and the traces people leave.

On the neurological level, everything happens before it happens. There is a time lapse between brain activity and the expression of that activity, and that primary activity occurs at the unconscious level.
I am interested in how this lag is foundational, and in how our perception creates the flow of time.
Water vapor is used as a projection surface and the source of the imagery is a live video feed. The recent past of this feed is composited with the current moment, creating a “stacked time” of memory.  

Petrichor aims to occupy a space between the physical/ephemeral, the digital/elemental, and the conscious/unconscious.


Glass Design
The Lab LA, 2017

Based on  "The Champagne Glass of wealth", this vase is a“transparent” visualization of wealth inequality - uneven resource distribution mirrored by object functionality. Design for the 1%.


M Wingren for Designer Box

Salone del Mobile, 2017

Designer Box uses a subscription service to highlight a different international designer each month, and the packaging is a wooden box.

For those who get the subscription, a lot of boxes will amass - so I devised a system of clips to attach the boxes together.
Squared is the deconstruction of a box in a box. It reconstructs into modular shelving, with clips to further divide the negative space.