They/Them pronouns 


I am an intermedia artist, designer, & musician. Broadly, I am interested in the parallels & intersections between computing, bio-systems, & music. My tools vary from cybernetics to plants, water vapor, & blood. The micro-systems in my work are in conversation with larger ecosystems of technology - which is not only viewed as gadgets or code, but also as sociocultural constructions like identity, language, & power-distributions, or mechanisms of the natural world.



MA Candidate: Sound in New Media, Aalto University, Helsinki FI

Minor: Human Neuroscience & Technology

Erasmus: Computational Art, Universität der Künste, Berlin DE

BA: Neuro Intermedia Art, Mills College, Oakland, USA
Study Abroad: Macquarie University, Sydney, AUS



Sound Design & Music  - Procedural audio; electronic/computer music composition, production, and performance; sound recording; music theory coursework; musicianship background including trumpet, choir, various percussion + modular synthesizers.


Software/Hardware - Max, Pure Data, Ableton Live, Logic, CDJs, physical computing, Processing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


Other -  Product, installation and interaction design; video production/editing; building/construction skills; able to read text clearly in dreams.


2019  Residency: Amplify Berlin 

2017  Lecture: "SELF/OTHER: The Neuroscientific Construction of Identity"

          - Speak Up Series - Fabrica Research Center

          Lecture: "WHY WHY WHY: Deconstructing Binarism" - Alta Sovversione

2016  Residency/Scholarship: Interaction Design, Fabrica Research Center 


2019-          Developer,  Helinki XR; Helsinki FI

2019-2020  Designer, Aalto University/Digiplatforms; Helsinki FI

2018-2019  Composer, Tekstiili'18; Helsinki, FI

2017-2018  Sound Design Consultant, Designmuseo; Helsinki, FI

2009-2016  New Media Artist, Meow Wolf Art Complex; Santa Fe, USA

2014-2016  Web Assistant/Social Media Manager, Santa Fe Dry Goods; Santa Fe, USA

2012-2015  Museum Guide/educator, SITE Santa Fe; Santa Fe, USA

2011-2012  Intern, KIT Macquarie Brain Research Lab; Sydney, AUS

2011-2012  Volunteer, Macquarie Music, Sound and Performance Lab; Sydney, AUS

2010-2011  Student Researcher, UC Berkeley Palmer Lab; Berkeley, USA

2010-2011  Student Researcher, Mills Cognition Lab; Oakland, USA

2008-2010  Trumpet, Vocals & Musical Saw, Apple Miner Colony (band); Santa Fe, USA

2002-2018  Surdo drum & Agogo Bell, Samba Fe Batucada (band); Santa Fe, USA



2018  Multi-channel sound installation: “Group Chat” - Demo Day - Aalto Uviversity: Helsinki, FI

2017  Interactive Multi-channel sound installation: “I Hear Colors Everywhere” - Triennale di Milano; Milan, IT 

          Interactive Installation: “Petrichor” - Postfuture: Athens Digital Art Festival; Athens, GR

          Design: “Wealth Distribution” for “Please Do Not Enter” - Da Vetro X Fabrica - The Lab: Los Angeles, USA

          Design: “Squared”- Designer Box X Fabrica: Salone di Mobile, Milan, IT

2016  Interactive Installation: “Glitch Beach” - House of Eternal Return: Meow Wolf Art Complex; Santa Fe, USA

2015  Interactive Installation: “Proxy” - Currents International New Media Festival; Santa Fe, USA

2014  Interactive Audio/Visual Installation: “Twin”  - AHA Festival of Progressive Art; Santa Fe USA Interactive Sound

          Installation “Stand In” - SCUBA Pop Up: Contemporary Art Museum; Raleigh, USA / Mass Gallery; Austin, USA

         El Cosmico; Marfa, USA

2013  Interactive Sound Installation: “Skeleton Dances II” - Nucleotide: Thomas Robertello Gallery; Chicago, USA




2019  A/V Performance: "Amplify Berlin" - ACUD Macht Neu

          A/V Performance: “The Society for Nontrivial PURSUITS #511” - SPEKTRUM: Berlin, DE

          A/V Performance: "Vorspiel: Deep Sea Expedition" - CTM Festival,  ACUD: Berlin, DE

2018  DJ Set: “Royal Siler Gardens 8” - Etiquette: Santa Fe, USA

          DJ Set:  “Broadcast” -  HYTKY: Helsinki, FI

          DJ Set: “Watti”- HYTKY:  Helsinki, FI

          A/V Performance: “Nice Music Festival” - Oranssi: Helsinki, FI

          A/V Performance: “Why the Body / Why My Body” - Alta Sovversione - Fabrica, Treviso IT

          A/V Performance:  “ÄÄNIAALTO III” - Aalto, Helsinki, FI

2017  A/V Performance: “Pikkuääniaalto” - Espoo, FI

          DJ Set: “Positive Magazine: Venezia 74 Film Festival Party” - Venice, IT

          DJ Set: “Quarto Mundo: CSO Django”  - Treviso, IT

2016  A/V performance: “Drab Majesty + Them Are Us Too”  Radical Abacus; Santa Fe, USA

2015  A/V Performance: “Instruments”  Radical Abacus; Santa Fe, USA    

2012  Interactive A/V Performance: “Skeleton Dances” - BINGO!: Armory for the Arts; Santa Fe, USA

          Interactive A/V Performance:  “Skeleton Dances” - X Sound Festival; Oakland, US




 -'||— is the music project of M Wingren. Pronounced with a clap, "-'||—" is the visual representation of a waveform. Why use a name that is difficult to "spell" correctly for online searches, and hard to work into conversation? -'||— is challenging, and sneaky, so it's appropriate the the name also make one take a cognitive step back.


Where did the name get started? Literally at Marble Taproom in Santa Fe, NM. I was meeting with an old friend and he asked what my handle was for my new music project, I clapped excitedly, about to tell him a list of options, and he said: -'||— I like that one. So then I had to figure out how to spell it, I didn't want to write clap because then people would say clap and not clap. So -‘||— it is!